The Makeup Of A Pokémon Card

Japan Pokemon Card

Collecting Pokémon cards is a lot of fun as is playing the Pokémon trading card game. However, if you are new to the cards then you might be a bit confused about what the cards are telling you. There is a lot of information on each Pokémon card and you need to know what it is and what it means in terms of the trading card game.

The Top Of The Card

The top of the card will hold information on the left and the right. On the left of the card will be the name of the Pokémon. This could be followed by a level and the evolutionary stage. There are three evolution stages of baby, basic and evolved with the evolved Pokémon having 2 stages.

The top right of the card will tell you what energy type the Pokémon is and the health points. This is important information because the energy types will affect how much damage they are able to do against your opponent. Each energy type will have corresponding energy types that they are strong and weak against. The health points are also important because when the Pokémon is attacked the health points will decrease and when they reach zero the Pokémon will lose the battle.

The Middle Of The Card

The middle of the card is where the attack capabilities of the card are described. You will also find the Poke-Powers and other abilities listed here and these can be used when the requirements are fulfilled. The middle of the card is where you will also find information about the energy costs per attack, the attack effects and what you need to use the attack.

Attacks will almost always require a set amount of energy to complete. The only times when energy is not necessary is when the energy area is a hollowed out circle. This will be found on the card next to the attack name.

The Bottom Of The Card

The bottom of the card is where you will find the description of the Pokémon. This will include information about weaknesses, retreat costs, resistance and other conditions that must be met before the card can be played. This is where you will find out which energy types your card is strong and weak against.

The strengths and weakness in the trading card game will differ to the Nintendo games. If your Pokémon is an energy type that your opponent’s card is weak against and attack will increase by 10 or double. The exact effects will be listed on your card and the card you are going to attack.

When looking at playing the Pokémon trading card game there is a lot of information on the cards that you need to know about. Each part of the card will have information that you can use to determine if this is the correct one to use. Once you know how to read the cards you will need to look at the overall playing techniques that make up the game. You can find cards from and similar sources.