Why You Need Professional Raccoon Removal

Wild Raccoon

Raccoons have adorable little bandit faces, but they aren’t so cute when they start digging into your home or start having babies under your deck. Raccoons have razor sharp claws and they will attack if they are provoked, so if raccoons have moved into or around your property, you want to use a professional raccoon removal service to get rid of them. Don’t try to do it on your own or you could get hurt.

If you have raccoons on your property, you have to figure out how they are getting in. This means you need to do a careful inspection of your home to see where the raccoons might be getting in. You can take newspaper and gently stuff it into the holes where you think they are getting in. If the newspaper goes undisturbed then you don’t have raccoons. If the newspaper is gone, then you have a raccoon problem and you need to get help.

The next thing you want to try to determine is if the raccoon has babies. You don’t want to try to get rid of the raccoon if babies are involved. You have to wait for them to be old enough to leave on their own. You can try to use safe techniques to get them out on your own before you call for professional raccoon removal.

One thing you might want to try is putting a battery operated radio where they are living and keep it on 24 hours a day. Raccoons hate light, so set up lights where you think they are living. You can also put out a bowl of apple cider vinegar, since they hate that smell. Do these techniques at dusk when they are waking up.

If you manage to get them out on your own, you will want to seal off all entries so they can’t get back in to your home. In many cases you are going to need to get rid of the raccoon with the help of a professional raccoon removal service. A professional service is the way to go if you the raccoons don’t leave with the light, noise and vinegar.

Never try to remove the raccoons yourself. They will attack when they are confronted and trying to remove them on your own could get you injured. You always want to turn to a professional to remove the raccoons and clean up the mess they leave behind. Raccoon feces can contain a dangerous parasite that can make you really sick, so you don’t want to handle it or try to clean it up on your own.

The removal service will also make sure that holes are sealed up so the raccoon can’t come back. You don’t want to go through all the trouble of evicting them just to have them return again. It is always best to leave getting rid of the raccoons to professionals to protect yourself and protect your family. Raccoons can damage your home, so you need to evict them.