When Should You Call A Rat Exterminator?

Rat In Cage

Rats are rodents that cause diseases and damage food and property. Once you have rats in your home, office or any other property, it is wise to get rid of them immediately. Waiting will only make the situation worse as the rats will breed very fast and become even harder to eliminate.

Unfortunately, it is hard to notice when you have a few rats. You will probably know about them when they have become too many. When this happens, you should call a professional rat extermination service to get rid of the rat problem. Here are some signs to look out for if you suspect a rat problem in your property.

Noises In The Garbage Bins

Rats will invade the home looking for food. If you leave your garbabe bins open or poorly closed, the rats will find their way in to look for left overs. They will do this most times at night, so you will likely hear them making noise. Even if the trash bins are outside, it is likely that the rats will find their way in to your home and invade your food cabinets.

If Furniture Has Been Damaged

Sometimes rats will hide underneath furniture or burrow small holes to gain access to food without being seen. If you lift your furniture and notice that it has holes or if there is wooden ash beneath the furniture, then it is likely that you have a rat problem. You should call the rat exterminator to check and remove all the rats in the house.

Animal Droppings

The rats will leave their droppings when trying to look for food. They will mostly do this at night or when the property has been left with no one. If you return after a period of time and notice that there are animal droppings, then call the exterminator. If you are not sure that there are rats, you could set a trap just to be sure.

Importance Of Calling A Rat Exterminator

Better Equipment

As much as you may have invested in a number of rat traps, it is likely you will not be able to eradicate the rats completely. Therefore you should call an exterminator, like the ones written about in the www.runforcoverbooks.com post, because they will have better methods as well as equipment to get rid of the rats once and for all.

Eliminate Future Infestations

Once rats have come to your property, the problem may become recurrent even if you do manage to get rid of the rats. The rat extermination services will be able to prevent this from happening. They will advise you on precautions to take to ensure there is no risk of a rat problem in the future.


Rats often cause diseases like plague. Trying to remove them without any proper training may cause them to bite or scratch you. This could make you sick. Their droppings are also dangerous if mishandled. The professional exterminators will know how to handle the rats so that you or anybody else are not at risk of getting sick.