Benefits Of Rent To Own Appliances

Renting appliances to own is often the last option that people consider when they need replacement or new household appliances. There are however numerous benefits to opting for rent to own appliances as opposed to buying these often expensive items outright or on credit.

1. Finance

Rent to own does not require going through the lengthy credit or finance approval process. It is therefore the ideal option for individuals who have bad credit or are blacklisted. It is also ideal for those who are self-employed. There is also no requirement for a down payment, collateral, surety or any other type of security that may be required when applying for a loan or finance.

2. Cheaper

Renting to own is often more cost-effective than buying on credit due to the high interest rates, service fees and other charges that credit providers charge. The monthly rental goes towards paying of the appliance while you have use of it. The monthly rental payments are often lower than you would get with store credit, buying with a credit card or applying for finance.

In fact, if you select a 90 to 120 day rental option, you will be paying the same as you would if you had bought the appliance cash.

3. Maintenance

Regular services and maintenance of the appliance will be taken care of buy the rental provider. You also don’t have to worry if the appliance breaks down. A repairman will be sent out to fix the problem as soon as possible and if the issue cannot be resolved, a replacement appliance will be loaned to you until the necessary repairs have been made. There will be not additional cost to you for the repairs or the maintenance of the appliance.

4. Delivery And Installation

All appliances will be delivered to your home and professionally installed to ensure that they are fully operational and ready for you to use. You don’t have to worry about reading complicated manuals or the appliance not working even when it has been installed correctly. The installation technician will also provide you with the necessary user instructions so that you know how to use your appliance from day one.

5. Insurance

Find out how much you can save on your household insurance payments if you choose rent to own appliances. Because you don’t own the product, you won’t be liable if it is stolen, damaged due to flood or fire or destroyed in a natural disaster. A simple liability waiver will ensure that you receive a replacement appliance without having to pay extra.

6. Relocation

If you are moving house your appliances need special care and attention to relocate them from your current address to your new location. Your rental provider will relocate all your rental appliances for you and install them at your new location.

Before you go shopping for new or replacement appliances for your home, consider all the benefits of renting appliances to own and enjoy the best for less.