What Are The Advantages Of Purchasing Fair Trade Products?

Fair Trade Bananas

Fair Trade Bananas

You may have heard the terms fair trade certified in order to describe certain products such as produce, clothing, jewelry or any number of other items. Products that are labeled with this term are often manufactured or produced by poor countries, but with your purchase, safe working conditions and environmentally friendly production methods are ensured. Perhaps the most important aspect of such products is that they can keep individuals off the streets and improve poverty levels in third world countries.

You don’t necessarily need to understand the working politics behind fair trade products, but you should consider supporting the cause itself. Not only will your support make the world just a bit more tolerable for those less fortunate, but it leaves you with a quality product. Choosing to lend your support offers numerous advantages, some of which we will touch upon below:

Put the poor to work: Farmers and small laborers are often put out of business as they can no longer sustain their ventures when corporations take over. Large companies can plant and harvest produce at a fraction of the cost it takes local farmers to do the work. Unfortunately, this type of consumer oriented thinking also results in a higher population of poor citizens. Fair trade products come into play by allowing these same individuals to work for a decent income without fear of being replaced by corporations.

End slave labor and child abuse: Many third world countries are notorious for using child labor in order to cut production costs. The unfortunate part is that the average consumer isn’t aware of the maltreatment of employees that many overseas companies subject people to. Buying a product that has been certified as fair trade allows you to rest assured that the item was acquired through legal means and not through abuse.

Products produced with our environment in mind: Many companies only focus on the number of products they can manufacture and they don’t care how it all happens. Our environment is slowly deteriorating due to neglect and ignorance. Products bearing a label of fair trade are manufactured or produced in an eco-friendly manner using limited natural resources with moderation always in mind.

Get back to quality products: Fairtrade has allowed millions of people to get back to work in a safe environment, but it has also raised the bar for producing quality products. We’re all tired of purchasing fruit drenched in pesticide or clothing that falls apart. Choosing to become one of the many supporters of this type of trade with foreign countries allows us to expand our horizons and purchase quality goods that are a pleasure to eat and made to last.

It’s no surprise that many people are choosing to support the fairtrade movement and discover all of the benefits it has to offer. If you see products bearing such a certification, you can rest assured that the origins of said product are closely monitored. At the end of the day, we need to consider where our food and our clothing comes from!